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Notice from the ETF Committee

Okay folks,

(Please read the poster attached)

This year’s festival starts today and we are all looking forward to a fantastic weekend of music here in Ennis town.

However, this virus is still out there and we need all attendees to be very aware of this and follow covid precautions/hand washing & mask-wearing diligently.

We as a committee, have been careful, & have been testing ourselves daily in the run-up to this weekend, but unfortunately, 3 of us have tested positive, and cannot partake now.

This is a stark reminder of how sneaky this thing is. *Remaining committee members will continue to self-test daily throughout the event*

The festival will go ahead but safety is paramount and we need everyone to remember their personal responsibilities:

Wash your hands, sanitize, wear a mask, keep your social distance as much as possible and enjoy the weekend!

ETF committee