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Click on a date below to view the details of the sessions for that day.

This year’s Committee have added a new ingredient to the Festival Session Trail. Each of the official Festival Music sessions, will be “hosted” by a Session Host. Each of the hosted sessions will have musicians allocated to it as normal. The allocated musicians will know where and when they are playing but, apart from the Session Host, the musicians will not know with whom they will be playing – and neither will the audiences! We are confident that this “Find and Seek Experience” will enhance the character and atmosphere of the Festival for both musicians and all those who come out in search of a tune.

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Thurs 10 Nov 2016

7.30pm: Knoxs Pub – Samantha Morris8pm: Brogans Bar & Restaurant – Yvonne Casey8.30pm: Cruises Bar –  Jimmy Clancy8.30pm: The Poets Corner, The Old Ground Hotel – Dave McCarthy

9pm: Lucas Bar – Shane Hayes

9.30pm: Ciarans Bar – The Lahawns

9.30pm: Moroney’s Bar – Elaine Hogan

10pm: Faffas Considines – Blackie O’Connell


Fri 11 Nov 2016

11am: Rowan Tree Café Bar – Eoin O’Neill

3pm: Knoxs Pub – Finola Ryan

4.30pm: Dan O’Connells – Piping Heaven/Piping Hell

5pm: Ciarans Bar – Sean Fitzpatrick

5pm: The Poets Corner, The Old Ground Hotel – Conor Keane

5.30pm: Treacys West County Hotel – Aoife Lynch

7pm: Brogans Bar & Restaurant – Teresa O’Dea

7pm: Lucas Bar – Aoife Kelly

7.30pm: Knoxs Pub – Anne-Marie Rynne

8pm: Cruises Bar  – Niamh O’Dea

8.30pm: McHughs Bar – Gary Lynch

9pm: Auburn Lodge – Fergal Breen

9pm: Kennys Bar – Eamonn Cotter

9pm: Michael Fawls Bar – Eamonn O’Riordan

9pm: PJ Kelly’s – John Lynch

9.30pm: Brian Kelly’s – Michael Curran

9.30pm: The Diamond Bar – Brian O’Loughlin

9.30pm: Moroney’s Bar – Kieran Munnelly

9.30pm: The Poets Corner, The Old Ground Hotel – Luke Deaton

10pm: Ciarans Bar –  Colm Healy

10pm: The Copper Jug – Geraldine McNamara

10pm: Faffas  Considines – Cein Sweeney

10pm: James O’Keefes – Shane Mulvey

10pm: Kerins Bar – Noel O’Donoghue

10.30pm: Nora Culligans – Michael Heron


Sat 12 Nov 2016

11am: Queen’s Hotel, Front Bar – Festival Fry – Mick Kinsella

1pm: Kennys Bar – Ron Kavana (Singing Session)

2pm: Brogans Bar & Restaurant – Derek Hickey

2pm: Ciarans Bar – Dessie Adams

2pm: Glór – Trad 4 Teens

3pm: Auburn Lodge – James Devitt

3pm: Cruises Bar – Donnacha Moynihan

3pm: Knoxs Pub – Eileen O’Brien

3pm: McHughs Bar – Diarmuid Moynihan

4pm: Cafe on the Green – Seamus O’Kane

4pm: Kerins Bar – Roisin O’Flaherty

6pm: Dan O’Connells – Carmel O’Dea (Irish speaking session)

6pm: Faffas Considines – Loic Blejean

6pm: Lucas Bar – Chris McGuire

7pm: Brogans Bar & Restaurant – Grainne Brady

8.30pm: Cruises Bar – Fiachra Hayes

8.30pm: McHughs Bar – Ruadhrai O’Kane

9pm: Auburn Lodge – Conor Broderick

9pm: Michael Fawls Bar – Liam O’Brien

9pm: PJ Kelly’s – Joan Hanrahan

9.30pm: Brian Kelly’s – Kevin O’Connor

9.30pm: Ciarans Bar – Melane Houghton

9.30pm: The Diamond Bar – John Wynne

9.30pm: Moroney’s Bar – Claire Egan

9.30pm: Lucas Bar – Peter Browne

9.30pm: Paddy Quinns Pub – Darragh Murphy

9.30pm: The Poets Corner, The Old Ground Hotel – Seanie O’Gorman

10pm: The Copper Jug – Geraldine Clancy

10pm: Nora Culligans – Stevie Dunne

10.30pm: James O’Keefes – Dave Sheridan


Sun 13 Nov 2016

11am: Queen’s Hotel, Front Bar – Festival Fry – Daithí Gormley

1pm: Knoxs Pub – Hugh Healy

1pm: Rowan Tree Café Bar – John McMahon (B Flat)

1pm: The Old Ground Hotel – Damian Molloy (Singing Session)

2pm: Cruises Bar – Jason O’Rourke

2pm: McHughs Bar – Liam Murphy

2.30pm: The Poets Corner, The Old Ground Hotel – Eamonn Coyne (Fiddle)

3pm: Lucas Bar – Tara Breen

3pm: Michael Fawls Bar – Cormac Crummey

4pm: Auburn Lodge – Aisling Lyons

4pm: Ciarans Bar – Liam Ryan

4pm: The Poets Corner, The Old Ground Hotel – Emma Robinson

5.30pm: Treacys West County Hotel – Mick Nestor

6pm: Knoxs Pub – Kieran Kissane

6pm: Michael Fawls Bar – Francis Droney

6pm: Kerins Bar – Aoibheann Murphy

6.30pm: PJ Kelly’s – Andrew McNamara

7pm: Faffas Considines – Dessie Kelliher

7pm: Moroney’s Bar – Joanna Boyle

7pm: Knoxs Pub – Kevin Ryan

7pm: McHughs Bar – Alison Crossey

7pm: Taylors Bar – Sean Mhaoir

7.30pm: Brogans Bar & Restaurant – Kieran Hehir

8pm: Cruises Bar – Jennifer Markham

8pm: The Diamond Bar – Tony Linanne

8pm: Suas Coffee House Ennis – Greenshine

9pm: Auburn Lodge – Garry Shannon

9pm: Brian Kelly’s –  Una Canavan

9pm: Nora Culligans – Dermot Lernihan

9.30pm: Ciarans Bar – Tom Cussen

9.30pm: Nora Culligans – Patsy Moloney

9.30pm: The Poets Corner, The Old Ground Hotel – Michael Landers


Mon 14 Nov 2016

2pm: Kerins Bar – Charles Monod

3pm: Ciarans Bar – Mick Butler

3pm: James O’Keefes – Murty Ryan

4pm: Cruises Bar – Stephane Germain

5pm: The Diamond Bar – Siobhan Peoples

5pm: Moroney’s Bar – Marcus Moloney

6pm: Brian Kelly’s – Declan Fay

6pm: Lucas Bar – John Kelly

7pm: PJ Kelly’s – Noel O’Donoghue

7.30pm: Knoxs Pub – Tom Delaney

8pm: Taylors Bar – Cillian Boyd

8.30pm: Cruises Bar  -Brid O’Gorman

8.30pm: The Poets Corner, The Old Ground Hotel – Sean Murphy

9.30pm: Ciarans Bar – Karen Hickey